I'm monitoring my behavior. I'm sorry if it is, in fact, poor critiques.

Response to a single reply post, and referencing to the locked duplicate thread they did after August 7th. I checked to see other forum posts they did related to this, as to find none. Replied post from Page 29, as locked thread is on 27 (or in later pages after typing this).

This has landed at page 29 without many responses.

I will also refer to your locked thread as an additional reference.

I'm not a butterfly squad member, nor is this is a greenlight. Just my opinion by looking at this.

Checked for any other post to reference to, but only found his reply to his post. It landed at Page 23.

I noticed this thread fell into page 23, as there was no reviews or responses, as I will review your idea.

This is not a greenlight. I am not a Butterfly squad member. I'm just giving a critique based on my opinion and what I can infer from your post. Just to be clear.

I was typing through a thunderstorm, so I made some final touches to this now as it was further away. No sarcasm is used. Last edit was to fix a misunderstanding on my part. I'm done editing this critique post.

No additional staff or user replies in those threads before this post. I'm not replying to those anymore due to the C&D order. Keeping track of my disc record this time. Review the second reference if you need to.

I asked to keep note of my previous critiques before the recorded post. Here they are. Don't remove my C&D yet. I am still trying to experiment collapsibles inside quotes.

Occasionally check for double posts, as I am unable to do any more critiques.

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