Archive 9-1-2019-1AM

We are quarantined for an extended period of time starting today. Demons came.

Quote about a opinion of what this site is

their own sadass little wiki
I prefer female pronouns. But hey, at least I know my site sucks.

I don't trust you right now. But I don't hate you.

I blocked you as well. It was a demon, not a troll, sorry for accusing you and hating you, but you believed the demon to be me. Your fault. But I'll be easy on you since she affected you a bit.

I'll never join because they still have dick behavior on wikidot. I'll join after 05 Command has a full week of no disciplinary activity whatsoever. Because you have loopholes. And you led a DEMON to here.

You know what? I'm done. But promise to perfectly maintain the mainsite while I'm gone, help ProcyonLotor recover, and actually exorcise the demon from your site too. She'll return. I'm afraid… Very afraid.
I told you to restrict her when she came.

I'm even afraid of her since being on djkaktus. I hope she doesn't return to see me.
She hates confrontation and refuses to reply after someone talks. Remember that when finding her.
I locked down everything in this wikidot site. I hope it works. I may even extend quarantine to a year if necessary. I like demons, just not her. Probably why she hates me and targets me as I rejected her.

ProcyonLotor isn't the demon I'm talking about. I had… Issues with the demon in question in the past. Someone said I needed inspiration to write many and certain SCPs for the mainsite (Like also aiding in preservation of a new SCP article, unchanged by others opinions and suggestions), and summoned her without my consent or approval. Just be warned that she can affect everyone and everything. I'm sorry… Please survive during the next month, try to ward off her, and don't make an SCP or a tale out of her, even an idea thread of her, before quarantine month is over… It feeds her.

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