The Site Admin Does And Does Not
What she does
  1. Run this site
  2. Look at some posts
  3. May put her opinion in posts
  4. Respect anything except dragon murdering
What she doesn't
  1. Like dragon murdering
  2. Like seeing critique without suggestion
  3. Hate people unless they do "What she doesn't" 1
  4. Enjoy referring to her irl self
  5. Enjoy realistic gore
  6. Have posts saying the thread is bad which ignores a site rule
  7. Have posts ignore the site rules
  8. Review all content
  9. Edit your content without adding her comment
  10. Ban people without telling them why and how to avoid the ban next time
  11. Permaban for the first ban without a reason
  12. Allow people being a dick without saying a polite and respectful reason first
  13. Allow editing pages without permission
  14. Allow creating unauthorized draft pages other than hers
  15. Like people submitting work that they did not write
  16. Allow other's threads that do not source other than here
  17. Allow pedophilia of real/hyper-realistic underage humans
  18. Allow saying site-259 is taken by Roblox first
  19. Allow thread ideas to be posted terribly on purpose
  20. Allow thread drafts to be posted without a proper source to the sandbox or idea
  21. Allow a SCP-J thread to be posted without a proper sandbox source
  22. Allow thread critiques to be posted without a proper source to what to critique
  23. Allow offhanded complaint threads to be posted without a proper source to who or what you complain to
  24. Allow story threads to be posted without a proper sandbox source
  25. Allow direct showing of images through posts
  26. See if every user is following the rules and this list
  27. Like being called bad names or be insulted
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