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A problematic loophole is being fixed. Full concepts separate from ideas and drafts, fixing lack of critiques, the dreaded greenlighting policy getting an overhaul.

Suggested to do list for Mainsite maintenance:
1. Fix a contradiction of the draft guidelines. May be fixed from the current greenlighting policy discussion.
2. Have a simple explanation guideline for an acceptable critique.
3. Attend neglected user posts by hiring more staff.
4. Create a cleanup staff crew who consists of only cleanup staff.
5. Find a way for cleaner execution of all 05 command decisions and investigations.
6. Find a way to notify a user of their newly created Disc record.
7. Differentiate between a single user and a shared collaboration account.

You caused a few issues of the five clients who used my account, they were unable to create their own. I had to scold the chunibyos Hannah and Jennifer for abusing my account and roleplaying, as well as scold Irene for the first two bans. I'm sorry for the problems they gave during the last four months. And I'm still cleaning their mess.
I'm taking over the created account as my own. Team Aphrodia is abolished from all associated websites.

Mainsite Updates by Aphrodia XAphrodia X, 05 Oct 2019 21:35
I retire.
Aphrodia XAphrodia X 08 Sep 2019 04:11
in discussion Hidden / Salvaged » I retire.

I'll have to delete my account. This has gone too far…

Nobody trusts me. I'll leave. I just have to back up my drafts so I can actually delete my user…
Heck, even I paid to use this username and asked the real Aphrodia (Crystal Kasursal) to let me use the rights her account since July 17th

I had fun on wikidot. Except Hannah. Hannah's been picking on me as I begged Crystal Kasursal to help me. I'll delete this account soon. One last action.

Password to my user.


You can do as you please with it. Delete the account. Remove my posts. Delete my wiki. I give up.

10 dollars wasn't worth it.

Edit. Hello! I'm Crystal. The date was wrong.
But the password is correct. Back up the hyperlinked content because I'm deleting this account. Yeah… Sorry for letting a mess happen. I'll try to actually deal with the issue at hand. There is an actual demon and a hacker though… I kept telling her the two Hannahs are different, but nooo, she insisted they're the same.

I retire. by Aphrodia XAphrodia X, 08 Sep 2019 04:11

The war against Hannah Judy is back on.

Also thank you Edna. Just please look closer instead of listening to prejudice. I suspect ProcyonLotor is favoring Hannah over me. Hannah's an older user and I'm a newbie.

Prevent me from applying to the mainsite. Ban me there.

And ProcyonLotor still suspects I did it. Good. It makes it harder for Hannah to use me. I knew he would take action. Thank you. Ban the name Hannah Judy while you're at it.
As a precaution. I

Just put a disc record for her (Instead of adding it to mine) and I promise she will no longer be an issue.
I hope. It's a hacker, so she did steal my password a few times.

Re: Banned from Wikidot? by Aphrodia XAphrodia X, 08 Sep 2019 03:29

I specifically left site 19 and thecritters unmentioned to lure Hannah into using my IP address. I also finally cut ties with Wikidot in the process, as it was a good thing you didn't mention my chat ban in my disc record. Seeing that the error hasn't persisted for long means a confrontation happened. She hates being replied to and never replies back.

But I got scared when my PlayStation glitched out. Next time I should not risk that.

I had to let her ramble on my site so I could study her better through a computer. It was when she used my name and IP address as her own that I had to take action. Shanor ruined the research I planned.

PlayStation 4 IP host error by Aphrodia XAphrodia X, 08 Sep 2019 03:05

Add this to both my non-disc and disc record.

My "heap of borderline delusional lunacy" was a roleplay. I had one staff member (me), so I had fun trying to pretend, but it was fun until a troll came. It wasn't part of my plan. Add "terrified" to my chat ban reason. Don't unban me, it's difficult to use site 17 anyways.

Well, I officially cannot return to wikidot because well…
1. I have no more ideas to submit.
2. Djkaktus Kontainer banned me after I left. Probably from having tabs in my drafts, thought he was joking in his site rules. Also his conversations in site 17/19 terrify me (The last time I entered it). I'm glad I left wikidot now.
3. ProcyonLotor targets me even in 05. His disc record doesn't surprise me why he does.
4. A demon is still lurking. No action was taken.
5. Every day a new troublemaker gets a record on 05.
6. Scarred from the sockpuppet incident that happened here. The wrong justice was served.
7. I'm terrified. There are more bad people that I never had to deal with before than any other website.
8. I will retire to this site. I have a last story to write before that, The Foundation Demoness.
9. Mainsite members are also being picked off one by one. Which is why I really did all I did to leave.
10. The draft guidelines has a conflicting statement where you can upload a draft if you think the audience will like it. Also more loopholes exist in the mainsite rules, including missing guidelines and some of the rules are hard to understand at first glance.

I'll reconfigure Site 259 as much as I can.
If the post gets deleted, well, that was my final words for the mainsite.
Except that all the disc records I looked at confuses me. There is no definitive for an action by 05 Command, as the same actions under the same situations give different sentences, regardless of previous actions or current mainsite member status. But really, I don't object it. Just tell users about their disc record thread.

Fix 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, and 10… And I'll consider to consider to returning to the mainsite… if 1, 3, 6, and 7 doesn't persist. I'll remain here in Site 259, it's safe from the Demoness. I had to put effort to make the blue text.

Tell N_Aepic_Fael and Zyn that they are pure good of heart, as I fully respect their actions and decisions without question. I apologize if I did any harm to them last month or before that.

Tell ProcyonLotor I forgive him and I'll unban him from site 259. And tell Shanor that I'll unban him from Site 259 as well.

I won't return. I'm sorry, I truly am. I did all I could. I'll explain the demon issue if you ask. Hannah was the same name as the demon, so I thought I lured her.

Banned from Wikidot? by Aphrodia XAphrodia X, 08 Sep 2019 01:29

I'm scared sometimes… I'm cautious of if what I do is considered good or bad… I asked RTME to keep record of all of my critiques, and freaked out when my two critiques were mentioned in my disc record and not my non-disc record.

It was escalated after I was messaged that my third critique resulted in an order to not do any critiques, as I was afraid my first two would ban me since I thought 05 had overlooked them.

Also afraid my private sandbox site for my SCP would be rejected like ProcyonLotor did for the unauthorized post. "Obvious pitch for spin-off site removed by staff"… It furiates me that a sandbox containing the entire original post is an "Obvious pitch for spin-off site" as the "staff" involved doesn't know what it was.

I was afraid my two critiques before "Waffle House" would ban me, so I asked RTME to take note of them. RTME put it in my disc record and not my non-disc record, so I was afraid that the vague description of it would lead an assumption that I did extra critiques after "Waffle House"… Resulting in staff action.

ProcyonLoctor mentioned me harshly, so I was convinced that I was, in fact, doing a chain of bad behavior and he wanted to ban me. So I left all of wikidot except here.
I'm infuriated that ProcyonLoctor assumed the troll committing sockpuppetry with my name was me. Also the sockpuppetry triggered me. I had been afraid that the summoned demon that was a gift for me by another wikidot user (Which I rejected the demon he/she summoned for me), was after me. And that revenge was aimed towards me.

I'm still afraid to return to the mainsite after all of this. Even if I could return, I ran out of ideas to post as the Projector thread was my only hope to have a successful mainsite page. I had redone my "Slime that decides with dice" as Miranda's Story, but I was afraid of rejection of the tale I created if I posted it (I wanted to collab with djkaktus with a certain chapter to complete it, but I'm afraid he will turn me down, and now I can't).

Don't let me return until the 23rd of September… I did a self-ban of a month. I'll still won't return until I can successfully create a mainsite page without fail… Which means forever since my idea will be unnoticed because I left the mainsite as I never got a reply after editing my post. Since this site I run has the sandbox draft for my idea thread, I got no chances of returning since the recent critique was already answered through the sandbox draft.

ProcyonLoctor hates me and distrusts me, so I will ensure I meant it when I said I will never return. Ever.

Admin Aphrodia's Thoughts by Aphrodia XAphrodia X, 01 Sep 2019 22:23

I looked into this and I was not surprised at his attitude towards me on my disc. But I mistaked him as a girl due to nickname "Procy"… Sorry about that.

Anyways I can't do anything about it. Just add to his non-disc record and not his disc, because I forgive him. It's Sunday. Also I'm still afraid to report it on site 17 or site 19 because of exterior unholy circumstances unrelated to ProcyonLotor, even if it's Sunday. Also tell him that any username is possible with a guest account, as the girl "Hannah" sockpuppeted with my name which then offended me.
I'll still try to polish Site 259 due to ProcyonLotor's negative viewpoint. It's also my personal sandbox, but I truly want my site to make it easier for newbies to get suggestions for their ideas. Plus a lot of idea threads on the mainsite are abandoned almost every day.

"Salvage" as in taking usable pieces of ideas and drafts to be reused.
"Condition" as in helping mainsite behavior be a little cleaner.
"Patch-Up" as in helping ideas and drafts be ready to post on the mainsite.
It's a condensed version of the mainsite forums that serve as an optional prerequisite to the mainsite forums, requiring suggestions. Most people don't suggest anything in their posts, or don't clearly state them to those who have trouble reading it. Some never get more than one review. It's not like I'm saying you don't do it right, I just want to assist to ease burdens.

ProcyonLotor by Aphrodia XAphrodia X, 01 Sep 2019 16:23

I'm still not joining back to the mainsite.
I can't join Kontainer because of "obsession", and because the demon hasn't been warded off elsewhere, this site is my only safe spot.
All the ideas I'm allowed to do I had done. September 22 is when I'm technically allowed to post information about the demon in a semi-satirical SCP file.

When I said 5 mins… I meant it. You didn't have to step down.
Come back anytime. Quarantine is lifted.
I'll deal with the trolls and catfishers. You can help our clients as an optional task, or sit back and hold the admin title without any interference, it is your choice of action. Your heart is pure, so I trust you.

Re: Client: Aphrodia by Aphrodia XAphrodia X, 01 Sep 2019 05:24

Hannah Judy is a demon. ProcyonLotor just was poking fun at me.

I might make a story using the name Hannah, but you'd like it, won't you.

Also unckecked guest permissions as you don't have an account to use anymore. Have fun creating an account with that name. Wait… You said you reapplied for an account. Shit. I hope Wikidot rejects you again. I'll still reject your application to here.

Re: crazy bitch
Aphrodia XAphrodia X 23 Aug 2019 21:43
in discussion Hidden / Deleted threads » crazy bitch

You won. Happy?

But not the war.

Re: crazy bitch by Aphrodia XAphrodia X, 23 Aug 2019 21:43

Yes, this is a sadass wikidot. And a ripoff.

It is still under construction.

I am not allowing you, or ProcyonLotor as ambassadors.

I'm trying my best and a troll had to make it worse.

I don't trust ProcyonLotor anymore, it took not long for that.

I added N_Aepic_Faels as my list by accident.

I meant Zyn. Zyn dealt with me enough. I trust you two as well as Djkaktus.

ProcyonLotor, you were not neutral towards me in my disc record. At least Hannah was meaner than you. Blocked from messaging and site.

I did. Also leaving the site 17 allowed the text box option, but I closed the tab. I sent you a PM

Re: Client: Aphrodia by Aphrodia XAphrodia X, 23 Aug 2019 21:09

Did you receive my message?

Re: Client: Aphrodia by N_Aepic_FaelN_Aepic_Fael, 23 Aug 2019 21:05

How do I talk through it?

Re: Client: Aphrodia by Aphrodia XAphrodia X, 23 Aug 2019 21:02

You can access IRC from mobile if possible.

Re: Client: Aphrodia by N_Aepic_FaelN_Aepic_Fael, 23 Aug 2019 21:00

No. PlayStation 4 doesn't support IRC. I'll try again.

IRC password? I accept PM now.

Re: Client: Aphrodia by Aphrodia XAphrodia X, 23 Aug 2019 20:57

Do you have an IRC account? If so, we can chat more openly there. Over here, it's a bit slower and more unreliable.

Re: Client: Aphrodia by N_Aepic_FaelN_Aepic_Fael, 23 Aug 2019 20:55

I set it up as I always leave a single way to reach me if I fought with someone. Thank you.

moc.liamg|5991ydujhannah#moc.liamg|5991ydujhannah was the account. She pestered me a couple of days ago trying to find me in particular, as she seems to just hate me… Odd. I can't find anything about her, like, nothing. Even the name is common. I thought would be found by her too. That may be what she was referring in her rants. Also my twitter? Another 05 has it mentioned, but I deleted the post.
I'm glad she isn't talking or stalking me anymore.

I had a single staff meeting today. I blindly followed my biggest rule doing that.
Also I monitor the 05 command site. I also left the other sites in response to seeing that my word would be not trusted, as I now can't join without breaking my word.

Re: Client: Aphrodia by Aphrodia XAphrodia X, 23 Aug 2019 20:51

In the meantime, we need to talk. Just so you can let things out.

Re: Client: Aphrodia by N_Aepic_FaelN_Aepic_Fael, 23 Aug 2019 20:48
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