This is the base forum overview format. Page is locked.

You may submit your ¿?, from just bare bones to a fully fleshed-out one. Any drafts that do not have two greenlights are still ideas.

If you are not a moderator or admin, if the ¿? seems like it is ready to you, you can say "NotBrokenToMe". But if you can suggest something to add to it, do so. Don't just say NotBrokenToMe, because that will be considered spam. Do not reply to any thread with two official bluelights. If you are not a moderator or admin here, your unofficial bluelight will be anagrammed by the admin or moderators.

Only the moderators and the Site Admin can bluelight (the equivalent to the greenlight. You need two bluelights to advance to the "¿?" forum on the mainsite.)

Always suggest how to make it better. Directly sugget.

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