Site Rules
  1. We expect you to read all the rules listed on this site.
  2. Don't be a dick.
  3. We already know something is wrong when it is posted here. We are here to guide it to be right.
  4. Follow the SCP-wiki rules.
  5. Delete your threads by tagging "delete-me" to them. Our cleanup staff will locate it and salvage it.
  6. 05 Command has the right to monitor this site to ensure the mainsite will be in order.
  7. The Butterfly Squad has the right to view this site.
  8. Do not message the admin or mods if you can do it through the forums.
  9. We prepare content to be appropriate for the mainsite. We ensure it has a good chance to be accepted on the mainsite.
  10. We expect you to read and understand this list. If you are not sure about doing something, ask in the Questions forum.
  11. Use your own username as a guest. Not someone else's.
  12. We are not a public sandbox site. We have 300 MB of storage.
  13. Just saying what is wrong doesn't help. Suggest a solution.
  14. We critique here if you fail to get one on the SCP-wiki.
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